• Trusted by multinational corporations as well as government, state and local enterprises in the provision of hardware, software, maintenance and service.

  • Design and develop the appropriate technology solution in consistence with the agreed business objectives and requirements.

  • Fast, efficient and economical implementation strategies to manage the technology solutions.

PT. Halcom Integrated Solution brings you hardware and software products that is trusted the reliability of supporting the IT needs recently. It’s also support our business which include:

• Network and Security Infrastructure
• Datacenter Infrastructure
• Wireless Barcode Technology
• Software Customization
• IT Outsourcing and Maintenance Service
• IT Consultant

In supporting services to our clients, we have the qualified and competent professionals in the field of information and communication technology. Whom able to integrate the system to become the perfect solution for the needs of our customers.



As an IBM Service Authorized (ISA), PT. Halcom obtain an official certificate from IBM Indonesia since June 2005. We are also one of the partners of  Rittal to provide datacenter solutions,  Cisco for networking solutions, VMware to build virtual infrastructure and Microsoft to provide the best solutions in terms of legalization license, either individually or Corporate.  
Contact Us

Contact Us

HQ Office

The Central Business Sukajadi, Blok B2 No. 03A Central Sukajadi, Sukajadi – Batam 29444

Tel: 0778 461503

Fax: 0778 461659

Email : sales@pt-halcom.com

Branch Office

Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 39A Pekan baru – Riau.

Tel: 081275799997 / 081933632373

Email : sales.pku@pt-halcom.com

About Us

About Us

PT.Halcom Integrated Solution was formally established in 2003. The establishment of this company is to meet the needs of ICT is increasingly widespread, along with the rapid development of technology as well.

We provide total solutions in the form of planning, design, procurement of required products, and the implementation of the IT project itself. We also provide support after the implementation of the IT system for customer operational convenience.